Nation Alliance is a program of allies that consists of facilitating to the manufacturers companies of products directed to the American market, display their products/brands through our participation in the main and famous trade shows of America, in which attend representatives of different automotive industry companies interested in establishing a long relation with Asia’s suppliers.


The members of Nation Alliance are those who are interested in reaching American companies and establish a good connection through IBG AMERICA, satisfying the needs of every American who does not have the possibility to have a contact with Asia.

Main trade shows IBG America attends

Benefits of our program

  • Knowledge of American market (North, Central and South)
  • Years of experience in the automotive industry
  • Experience in the participation of the main tradeshows in America
  • Knowledge about logistic about every point of the trade shows (before, during and after)
  • Reach of the brands and products to a wide public
  • It is not necessary to travel to America
  • Save money: less costs and get better results

How it works?